Thatís correct, is back. Well, almost back. I have decided that I will put off completion - which I know truly matters to none of you - until a date which you will determine. This date will be exactly three days, fourteen hours, fifteen minutes, and nine seconds after the first person completes a little game I have devised. The concept is simple enough, each page will provide a clue as to the directory of the next, getting progressively harder until the end. I shall also note that while this contest is not for the weak of mind, it could be completed by anyone of any age, assuming they have at least the intelligence of the average high school student. Of course, I have also provided some incentive for you to play along. The first person to send an email to the address given in the final step, containing the method by which they received they answer to all previous clues will win a prize. I will not say what that prize is, but I will say that it is something of value great enough to make the contest worth participating in. If you think I am lying, then donít participate, forget that you have ever read this little paragraph and wander off to any corner of the internet you please. To those which remain, I shall say this, the first clue has already been given, I hope you can at least get past step one.